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Compliance Matters-PAIA&POPI

Compliance Matters – PAIA & POPI

By Josh | March 20, 2021

Government confirmed in December 2020 that, in line with enforcement of the POPI and PAIA Legislation from 1 July 2021, every person who carries on a business, profession or trade, whether as a sole proprietor, partnership, company, trust or otherwise must prepare and lodge a so-called “PAIA manual” by no later than 30 June 2021, earlier for certain bodies.

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Matthew De Wet (BCOM LLB, UCT)

Matthew completed his BCOM LLB at UCT in 2008 after which he worked at Mazars, audit firm, as a tax consultant for 3 years. Matthew left Mazars to do his articles of clerkship in a small law firm and was admitted as an attorney in October 2012. Matthew left that firm to found De Wet Du Plessis Attorneys and subsequently DWDP Law where he specialises in corporate, commercial matters, including Mergers and Acquisitions


Joshua Roode

Joshua is a strategy and business development executive with substantial experience designing, leading and implementing a broad range of business growth & realignment initiatives in the digital space. He has spent the last decade of his professional career helping individuals and brands come up with solutions to their digital marketing needs.

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