PAIA Manuals – What you need to know! (Video)

Recently, our Easy Docs Pty Ltd co-founder Matthew de Wet was interviewed on the SA Accounting Network YouTube Channel by Heinrich Grove (Owner of SA Accounting Network Pty Ltd) to answer the questions that you need to know about PAIA (Public Access to Information Act) manuals and the current 30th of June 2021 Deadline.

Watch the full interview below

Some of the questions Mathew de Wet has answered in the interview with Heinrich Grove are as follows.
What is a Public Access to Information Act Manual?
What information must be included in a Public Access to Information Act manual?
What is a private body?
By when must a private body prepare their PAIA Manual?
What is the purpose of the PAIA Act?
Will the public have access to private and confidential information as a result of PAIA Manuals?
I understand you have called your Manual an Information Manual. Why is that?
What do we do with our completed manuals?
What will happen if we miss the 30 June 2021 deadline?
How often must we update our manual?
If you have a PAIA Manual, are you fully POPIA compliant?
What is the link between the POPI Act and a PAIA Manual?
So ahead of the looming 30 June deadline what must clients do?

If you would like assistance with getting your Information Manual sorted, you can click the following link Information Manual or contact us through the form below:

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